Professional Certification


Professional Training with a credentialed trainer of excellence and highest standards is the beginning of using Tapping/EFT professionally. Earning a certification is the time-honored way to prove to yourself and the public that you have successfully accomplished both the learning and application standards necessary to practice EFT/Tapping professionally. EFT’s continuing popularity and use across the globe is dependent upon its quality use; both the modality itself and the community of professionals who practice alongside you have agreed to standards in ethical behavior and highest use standards. Serious users of EFT/Tapping will want professional, accredited training and certification as a badge of excellence and quality.

What is the Process for Accreditation & Certification?

After classroom instruction, the path to practical excellence begins. Your classroom learning from foundational EFT/Tapping levels classes are honed with your Master Trainer & Mentor in an ongoing partnership for your specific and individual use of Tapping in the world. Together, over the course of several months, you will practice applying these tools and techniques, concepts and a growing comprehension of their ethical use. Deepening your understanding of classroom knowledge into real-world application excellence is the goal your Master Trainer will help you achieve. After completion of the mentoring process, and in recognition of your achievements, you will be awarded with professionally accredited certification, through your Master Trainer and AAMET International.

What Choices Are Available?

The beginning level of Accredited Certification is EFT Practitioner; later, many choose to become even more skilled and highly trained in practical application excellence and move on to Advanced Practitioner level.  Those Advanced Practitioners who love to teach and have a background with groups might opt for then becoming an Accredited Master Trainer.

Want to Get Started?

First, you’ll need to find a professional training class, then contact Master Trainer Jondi Whitis for a free consultation about your intended use of Tapping and how to work together to achieve certification. The process steps for membership in the world’s original, largest and truly non-profit EFT association is here, and you can expect these kinds of required, logical steps to achieve fully accredited certification:

  • Meet with Master Trainer and enroll in Mentoring for Certification process
  • Sign Mentoring for Certification Agreement outlining the process you’ll undertake together
  • Join AAMET International at a Student level, and sign up for the online exam
  • Meet regularly with your Trainer/Mentor as you practice on a minimum of practice sessions, typically over a period of 6-9 months’ time
  • Create several case study write-ups from your practice sessions and fully discuss them with your Mentor
  • Successfully conduct a live Tapping session with Mentor observation
  • Successful completion of the above will result in your being recommending for membership in AAMET International as an Accredited,Certified EFT Practitioner.

The Mentoring for Certification process is a remarkable experience between a Master Trainer and yourself. It entails a commitment to one another’s highest good and excellence, and will continue as a treasured relationship long after the certification process is complete. Each Master Trainer presents their own unique programs to achieve the above steps and standards, and as such, represents a significant amount of their time and energy. Jondi personally spends an extraordinary amount of time and energy on each practitioner candidate, ensuring their knowledge translates into confident application and mastery.  Contact Jondi for a personal conversation on your specific goals and mission, using Tapping professionally:


Payment Options
Full Payment $1,500.00 USDOption 2: 1 of 3 pymts $500.00 USDOption 3: 2 of 3 pymts $500.00 USDOption 4: 3 of 3 pymts $500.00 USD

Jondi is an Accredited, Certified Master Trainer & Trainer of Trainers. As a longtime Board Member of AAMET International, she cares deeply about first-class training and practical excellence. She also carries certifications and memberships with other Tapping organizations, including ACEP, the EFT Guild of excellence, EFT-Universe, and AMT.  She welcomes students from every sector and use of EFT/Tapping to join her on this lifetime of passionate service to health and well-being. Jondi sees this as a privilege to pass on the knowledge, wisdom and experience she gained to her mentees.  Ready?  Contact her here:

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