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Jondi offers a variety of classes for everyone and at every level of learning. From brief introductory presentations to a complete line-up of professional foundations and specialty  trainings, you’re sure to find the perfect class to fit your needs.

Classes are available throughout the year, both online and in-person, and  around the world (see upcoming events on this page). Groups interested in specialty theme training for their group are welcomed. Simply contact Jondi here.

Introductory EFT classes are available in a variety of formats and lengths, offering both information and a hands-on experience of EFT. Options range from 30-minute online presentations to in-person, half-day classes.  You’ll find these displayed in the classes listings as well as on social media.

Jondi is well-known for her exceptional training; she offers the full spectrum of professional training and certification, from foundational classes (Level 1) on basic EFT techniques to its practical application for real world use (Level 2), to advanced and creative uses (Level 3) and ongoing Mentoring. You’ll find her classes meet and exceed the highest international training standards, with exceptional attendee satisfaction.  Her students’ enthusiastic testimonials are her best advertisement.

Specialty Tapping classes on a range of popular subjects are also offered, such as:

  • Using EFT/Tapping for Pain Relief,
  • Creative Tapping Techniques for Working with Children,
  • Satisfying Self-Care, and
  • Emotional First-Aid: Effective Intervention & Relief

The professional EFT Certification process is conducted in conjunction with AAMET International, the original and oldest EFT association, a non-profit, registered charitable organization. Presently AAMET offers these certification levels:

  • Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner,
  • Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner,
  • Accredited Certified Master Trainer and
  • Accredited Certified Master Trainer of Trainers. 

Jondi holds AAMETs highest level certifications, and serves on its board, which consistently works to provide worldwide recognition of excellence in training standards.

Custom and speciality groups, such as EFT Basics for Professional Health & Wellness Practitioners, Tapping for Community Recovery, and Ethical Self-Care for Professional Caregivers, etc., are created for your group upon request, to serve various interests, groups and professional needs.  For more information on these, contact Jondi.

For current class and course offerings and calendars, please visit the Training Courses page.

For Mentoring, please go to this page.


Upcoming Events

Tuesday, July 9, 2019
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

 Hempstead, Long Island, NY, NY, United States

Saturday, September 14, 2019 -
Sunday, September 15, 2019

 Watertown 06795, CT, United States

Saturday, October 12, 2019
9:30 am - 4:30 pm

 W. Sacramento, CA, United States

Class Offerings

Typically these classes range from 30-minute online groups to in-person classes lasting from 90-minutes to 5-hour workshops, specifically tailored to fit the audience and desired knowledge/use of EFT. Learn how to quickly deal with simple everyday problems, pains and troubles in the comfort of a small group with expert instruction and hands-on practice. Practical excellence is Jondi’s signature; she created these introductories as ‘one day and walk away’ experiences delivering basic tools you can use to uncomplicate, weather and conquer life’s unexpected ups and downs, in the moment. Don’t let things build up and become traumatic issues – learn how to take care of yourself, friends, colleagues, family and clients.

Not every situation calls for Tapping. In-the-moment emergency and distress calls for strategic interventions that will quell the body’s natural threat response and assists us to easily return to our resourceful state. Emotional First Aid is NOT Tapping/EFT, but instead the purposeful use of specific Energy Psychology/Energy Medicine adaptations for stress and overwhelm. It can also be used in the interim, while medical help is summoned, or in private practice, when emotions run too high for traditional Tapping. This Specialty Course covers practical application, safety concerns, context-driven approaches and variations. Participants walk away with a new, immediate-use ’toolbox’ that complements their EFT/Tapping skills.

Learning to Tap well with children is a Specialty Course for those who already know how to Tap. (An Introduction to Tapping course is generally sufficient before attending this course.) Typically given as a 2-day intensive, it covers practical approaches, and approaches meeting the context of the child’s situation, such as developmental and behavioral concerns. This class is for learning practical excellence in creative & purposeful Tapping applications and variations. Emphasis is also given to foundational safety concerns and ethical behavior. Participants leave this course ready to more successfully and confidently Tap with children and in situations with children. Perfect for family members, practitioners and caregivers alike.

EFT/Tapping for the specific purpose of reducing pain is covered in this one-day class. A specialty class, this course was created to increase application skills and techniques for working with a pain release focus. A one-day intensive course, it’s perfect for those who frequently deal with pain themselves, or within the context of their work. Participants in this class gain confidence applying rudimentary Tapping skills specifically focused for better understanding how to address the underpinnings of pain to deliver superior pain reduction. EFT for Pain Relief is a crucial self-care tool and class for all.

A focused, one-day class for using Tapping as an integral part of effective Self-Care practices all practitioners and caregivers. All people serving others daily need to prevent compassion fatigue, burn-out, and vicarious or second-hand trauma. Ethically treating others often requires we focus our caregiver skills on our own issues, as a matter of good practice. Learning how to easily handle the typical exhaustion and concerns we often take on from our work and clients is crucial to our continuing to be powerful caregivers and change agents in the world. Participants learn a variety of tools and take-aways to practice quality, ethical self-care from this practical one-day class.

Knowledge is not enough. Practice applying knowledge is the fastest, easiest way to become confident and capable with EP/Tapping. This is especially true for those who’ve learned Tapping tools and techniques but not put the tools into action often or lately. Under expert guidance you’ll work with a focus upon Practical Excellence in this mastering class, a favorite of Jondi’s for its ability to quickly up-level both tools and your abilities and strengths to deliver them in your practice. Join this class to reinvigorate and deepen your Tapping skills, confidence and ability to help yourself and others.

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